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The Boss

2008: creation of Art Restoration Garage by Patrick Pugin.
I am a Porsche and mechanic enthousiast. After having restored numerous cars for my own pleasure, I decided to put my skills within the reach of most demanding and to make it my job.

A journey out of the ordinary

After initial training in automotive trades, I developed during 18 years managerial competencies in two international industrial groups. It is through these experiences that I have acquired organizational methods, and tools of quality to complet my initial training of Artisan.


Patrick Pugin tells us about his passion for Porsche (sorry no subtitles at this time).

Companies of the living heritage

In 2015 Art Restoration joined the group of 1,300 French companies that have been granted the 'EPV' label!
The 'EPV' label (companies of the living heritage) is a mark of recognition set up by the government in order to make the French companies with prime quality traditional and industrial know-how stand out. These exceptional companies share the same values and the same driving force: harmony between tradition and innovation, a constant search for excellence, a creative spirit and a deep respect for the job.
Art Restoration is proud of its new 'Companies of the living heritage' label: it rewards the everyday efforts to preserve ancient professions such as sheet metal work, painting, saddlery and mechanics.
This know-how can continue thanks to the development of specific training in ancient technologies. But 'EPV' experts have rewarded us and have recognised the knowledge of the traditional technical gesture in our everyday practice and in our meticulous mastering of every task performed in our workshop, and this is really a valuable reward for our job!