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Suspensions - A program that holds up

Suspensions are essential components for your security, they also define the driving ability of your Porsche and therefore your driving pleasure.
Here are pictures of restoration works that we can realise on your Porsche.

Any restoration begins with disassembly and careful observation of each part. After 40 years, suspension bushings do not longer fulfill their role. The wear can lead to deterioration (marks A & B).

All rubbers are deformed, steering adjustments are no longer possible.
Your 911 does not drive as it should.

All metal parts are cleaned and sand-blasted.
A careful analysis of each part is then performed to detect deformations and possible cracks.

After sand-blasting, all parts are coated with a thin layer made of zinc by electrolysis. This process allows a zinc deposit in even the smallest spaces, which already produces an excellent barrier against corrosion.

The chromatation is complemented by applying an epoxy paint baked in oven at 200 ° C. Parts regain their original color and enjoy the best protection against corrosion that you can offer to your Porsche.

Bearings and seals are new. The hardware is sand-blasted and then chromated or replaced with new.

Reassembly is done with great care and attention to offer a very high reliability.

Front axle is rebuilt to new, its protection against rust is much better than the original one.