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FlapTarga Top 993 - Targa flap repair and front seal change.

The roofs of 993 Targa age well compared to previous models Targa. In this case the flap did not close completely and generated more wind noise. Here you will discover how to restore to original, flap and its seal.

In fact, the flap did not close completely due to the presence of sealant joint and silicone added filler to improve its airtightness. After removal of the flap and removing the windshield was found about 20cm without glue at the top. At the last change the windshield seal glue was not applied across the surface, this lack of joint was actually causing the noise of air in the car. Morality, before treating a problem should always double check the source of a problem.

It is seen from the photos that the small lip of the front seal was torn off by the seal of sealant and that added silicone placed around the small lip prevented the flap to come back into its closed position 100%.

After scraping the gasket sealant on the flap and silicone on the front seal, we just have to change the front seal. The removal of the two door seals at the top is essential to properly adjust and then stick the front seal.

We are going to mount the flap and then adjust it so that it is perfectly aligned with the two side linings and the front seal over its entire length.

This operation is quite simple to describe, but takes about 2 days of work to be completed. Surprises happen as regularly on the two fragile joints of the flap that must then be repaired.