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Targa roof 964 - 964 Targa roof restoration

You will discover in this chapter the restoration of a 964 Targa roof. The principle of restoration is the same for all roofs from 1966 to 964.

Restoration work always begin with a careful disassembly and observation of various parts.

On this model we can see degradation of the outer liner, wear of joints, wear of latches and clips. Note that an end of an arm is broken at a joint, you can seen green arrows.

As it is not possible to weld arms, we made a part to repair like a tenon / mortise. We will also change both locks that are too much worn.

The entire roof structure is painted black. On this model we keep the sub-liner as it is in good condition. The new liner and foam are in place. Gutters and side seals are changed to new.

Axes of joints and corner sheets are new. Pins are new as well. The interior liner is put in place. Screws of holding clips are new.

Last operation consist to adjust the roof to the car by fine tuning the centering pins, locks, seals and position of both windows.