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993 Roof Glass Drive Units -

Drive units of glass roof, flap panel and curtain require interventions to restore full functionality. We have already seen in a previous chapter how to restore flap panel and change the front seal. Here we see how to restore traction units.

Refurbishing traction units need to remove the hard top from the car. Once the hardtop removed, we find a Cabrio body of 993.

Then, traction units rails have to be removed to change cables, motors and hardware. The hardest in that opération is to take out and clean all the black glue.

Often, pinions of traction motors are in poor condition, like those on that example, they will be changed. Traction cables are often seized up because of rust, due to water in the ducts. It follows that the gears have no longer any grip on the cables and the roof does not move.

At the front end of the roof the pivoting hardware of the flap glass are going to be changed on both sides. On the glass roof, we will change cables, rockers and bearings. Once all these systems in place we will make assembly of traction units on tracks. Then, traction units will be back ready to be fixed in the hardtop.

Installing the hardtop allows to transform the cabrio into Targa. We take the opportunity to change all exterior seals and sometimes the longitudinal bars of the roof that can break during disassembly.

When fully assembly, the car is tested to validate the operation noise and the opening and closing of the roof on drive conditions.