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Bodywork - A journey to the core of the body

Our body restorations goes through the dismantling of the two front wings, the two rear wings, the two door panels and the two rocker panels, in order to remove rust in all areas. The reassembly is done with restored items or with new elements. Work is done without any single gram of filler.
That is what you will discover in this chapter.

External signs of fatigue, rust or accident are not always visible.
It's only after a full stripping that weak areas of the body appear. That is what is going to happen on this car.

One quickly notices that rust is always present at welds and joints.
Stripping of tar on the floor always renders rust apparent which has built up without being visible.

It's only after stripping and complete sand-blasting that weaknesses can be identified and treated.

Door feet and rocker panels are almost always rusty and will be replaced by new elements.

Removal of the two rear wings is also essential for access to both rusted areas they hide in order to refurbish and protect them effectively.

More dangerous are the suspension pivots that rust from the inside. If there is some pitting it is necessary to open and reconstruct the outer and inner walls to their original state.

Rusty door panels are replaced with new ones.
After sand-blasting, one discovers that door frames are almost always rusty, so they are rebuilt before the new exterior panels are assembled.

The adjustment of the wings and doors is a sensitive operation. All the necessary time and attention is given to it to get excellent results.

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