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Transmission - Restoration of a gearbox.

All housings, gears and shafts are carefully inspected and measured. The bearings and synchros are changed if necessary, all joints are changed systematically.
The settings of drive shaft and tapered preload bearings are made according to the Porsche workshop manual.

Restoration begins with disassembly and deep cleaning of all parts.
That is when the first indications of how the car was used and the quality of maintenance become apparent.

One can find broken bearings or housings and deteriorated Pinions. After a good bead blasting, cracks in housing will sometimes also appear

A visual inspection and dimensional measurement of all gears and shafts is done carefully.

All hardware is glass- blasted then chromated.
New bearings are fitted and adjustments are made with accuracy ..

Settings of drive shaft and tapered bearings preload are performed according to Porsche specifications.

The gearbox is like new, guaranteed and ready for a new life.