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Foot lever - A good kick in the rust !

The Foot lever is a heavily utilized part, whether it is to brake, accelerate or engage the clutch.
It is often under attack by brake fluid or water leakage, rusts therefore irreparably and its bushings take too much wear.
Discover in pictures, our standard of restoration of a 911 or 914 foot lever.

Restoration begins with a complete dismantling of the pedals.
Then all parts are sand-blasted.

A thin layer of zinc is then applied by electrolysis to provide excellent protection against rust.

A layer of epoxy paint baked at 200 ° C is then applied to your foot lever. In that way, it returns to its original color and enjoys the best protection against rust.

All bushings are replaced by bronze bushings.
The assembly of the foot lever is made with the utmost care.
Your pedal is ready to be reassembled.