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Mecanical Injection - Mechanical injection system restoration

An action on your mechanical fuel injection system is necessary when different symptoms appear, such as:

- Idle not stable or too high,
- Presence of noises at inlet cones
- Miss fire in the exhaust
- Poor regularity between idle and 2000 rpm
- Acceleration holes,
- Small metallic banging noise at idle

Before investigating on your injection system, we will test basic elements of your engine as valve clearance, cylinder pressure test, ignition timing and Dwell. We will also check the fuel pressure and flow at the fuel pump.

Dysfunction sources are multiple, such as adjusting the richness, adjustment of different rods, butterflies syncho.
These set up operations are required after each disassembly of butterflies boxes.

The 14 joints are taking wear with the miles, it is sometimes necessary to change them.
Butterfly shaft bushings wear significantly as a result of very strong pulse into the inlet manufold. It is sometimes necessary to change them also.
If butterfly shafts are excessively worn, it can also be taken out and replaced by new ones.

Butterfly housings may be too consumed by oxidation and may leak too much.
It is then necessary to work up to find a sound surface and produce new butterfly for the new diameter.

Injection pumps also need to be checked, adjusted or restored in some cases.

All these repair operations can be done on engine alone.
Tuning operations and development are done only on vehicle.