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Aesthetic engine - Do you want to give a great look to your engine ?

In this chapter, we present a series of works aimed at giving a beautiful aspect to your Flat-six and contribute to its longevity and reliability.
All these works can be made at the demand according to your wishes.

The idea is to restore your engine to its original look by cleaning, changing or painting some elements which are the most seen.

Engine sheet metal, engine mounts, rocker covers, outlet pipess, fan, etc. ... are dismantled, cleaned and sand-blasted.

Aluminum parts are painted and steel ones are chromated and baked epoxy paint is applied. This treatment will restore an excellent protection against rust and a fine finish.

The chroming of all visible screws, duct injection, rods, etc. ... gives a new aspect to your engine.
The huge air filter and clips are also treated.

The engine block is cleaned, the fiberglass air cover can be painted, various hoses changed, head of the igniter and ignition wires cleaned, igniter housing sand-blasted, etc. ....

A final touch with origin stickers for a flawless look.