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Lugage compartment - Lugage compartment refurbishment

The surface of your lugage compartment does not suit you, you want to know how the metal frame is under the layers of different coatings and painting.
We propose to explore in this chapter, a restoration of a trunk of a 911 of 1969.

Work is started by removing the fuel tank, ventilation system and all electrical wiring.

Painting and protective coatings are scratched to bring the metal sheet to nude. Areas too rusty are repaired.

Different layers of rust protection are applied.
The color of your trunk may be black or in the color of the car. The fuel tank is also treated in the same way.

Electrical wiring is cleaned, checked and repaired before being reassembled.
Hardware is chromated, various joints changed, fuel pipes too.

Here's the result, the finishing touches will be made with a new trunk carpet set.